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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

China: Nanjing Agricultural University Launches Weight Loss Programme

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Nanjing Agricultural University located in East China has recently opened a weight-loss class in the institution in an effort to help reduce the rising obesity rate.
The programme initiated by Zhou Quanfu, a PE teacher of the school, in 2015. The weight-loss class requires students to maintain a strict diet and do exercises like sit-ups and jogging.

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According to Zhou, 60 percent of a student's grade will be determined by his or her weight loss. If a student sheds 7 percent of weight, he or she will pass the course.
Only those with a body mass index of over 28 or body fat of more than 30 percent can sign up for the course.
Zhou said he initiated the course after a survey five years ago revealed that 13 percent of the fresh and sophomore students were overweight.

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"For all the variety of sports available at the PE class, these students are unable to play them unless they lose some weight," said Zhou.
The effect of the course has been felt as 179 students who have finished it have shed an average of around 5 kg.
"After I shed some weight, I began feeling more spirited and slept better," said Wu Xiuyang, a sophomore who has lost 25.5 kg since joining the class one year ago.

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China's youth obesity rate has increased rapidly in recent years. In 2014, overweight rate among 7-year-old students was 12.2 percent, compared with 2.1 percent in 1985.
The rise is due to the consumption of diets packed with high calorie and poor or lack of exercise.

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