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Saturday, 21 October 2017


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21 October, 2017

       Everyday millions of people around the globe troop out in search of money to keep body and soul together without knowing where to find it or how to even go about it. Money is one major factor for the high rate of suicide sweeping the world today and it is the major cause of failure in relationships.
Money is everywhere, our streets and roads are littered with money that is why when you look around there are people everywhere making money except you but if you if start doing things differently and using the elements that that produces money, then you are on the track to a successful life.


               The first place where you will find money is with people. All businesses need people to make money. Doctors need people to make money and they call those people patients. Roadside hawkers and SHOPERITE needs people to make money and they call them customers. Mortuaries need dead people to make money.
If you run away from people you are running away from your riches. If you say you are shy and can't talk to people then it means poverty will be your best friend.
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          The second place to make money is to find solutions to people's problems. Most people run away from problems because they don't want to find solutions to their problems. That's why we don't last in things that we start because immediately when a problem comes we run away and say it's not working. If only you can find solutions instead of complaining about your problems you will be a better person and you will become successful.

           The last place you can find money is with opportunities. Most people run away from opportunities because they don't like such opportunities. You don't have to like an opportunity, if you can just find the benefits that come with the opportunity and focus on such benefits you will become successful. Most of the things that make people successful are not the things they love but it's what they will get out of those things.
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Now how are you making your own money? Don't tell me about a job because you will be poor for the rest of your life as long as you are loyal to your job. The richest people in the world look for and build networks while everyone else looks for a job. Where do you belong?


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