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Monday, 20 November 2017


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In every climes especially developing countries like ours, building and construction projects takes place every day across the country including roads, bridges, houses, factories, schools, churches and mosques etc. For any structure to constructed be it houses or roads GRAVEL is a major component of construction materials.
This has created immense business opportunities for quarry companies and stone/gravel depot owners, loaders, agents and suppliers who provide the inputs needed for the construction of such structures.
The industry will continue to grow and expand for many years to come as government, corporations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and individuals continue to embark and fund developmental projects. The beautiful part it, is that it is an industry that you can get into with LITTLE OR NO CAPITAL.

Today article is meant to give you an insight into the gravel business and how you can make good money from the business of supplying sand with little or no capital. Iam going to take you by the hand and lead you to the goldmine, I will x-ray the business and reveal how it works and how you can get into it and among other things you should know about the business

--To start the business of GRAVEL SUPPLY WITH NO CAPITAL, all you need is a normal business acumen/sense and a level of education that enables you to read and write.
--Trust and Passion: Trust is paramount in this business because if you cannot be trusted, then you will not last in the business but if your clients can build trust in you, the sky will be your limit. There is need for you to develop passion for the business if you must succeed.
--Perseverance: This is not a “get rich quick business” because your first client may not accept to do business with you or many people may turn you down but that is not enough for you to quit. This is where perseverance comes in as you may be a step away from your first client.
--Simple Complimentary Card: Your complimentary card is what introduces you and your business to people but you can do without it, if the fund is not available for the simple design and printing of a complimentary card.
 Image result for supplying gravel business
 --For you to start this business, you need to visit and  register with a Stone/gravel companies, which most often do not requires money but just self-introduction and purpose.
--Carry out market survey, market survey is eminent as it will give you insight to the following
=Current Selling price of gravel at the dredging site {single trip and double trip}
= Current buying price of gravel by clients {both single and double trips}
=Types of gravel and their uses
=Cost of transportation from the gravel depot to your client location/site
=Fix your personal price, after putting every factor into consideration.
=Locate areas with high rate of construction be it houses or roads but I will advise you look out for houses.
--After registration, the next thing is to begin marketing yourself to potential clients and to people that can link you with clients. Marketing is a necessity in this business if you must succeed either by word of mouth or combination of word of mouth and the use of complimentary card.
--Start locating and pitching your clients, give them reasons to do business with you and assure them that you can be trusted to deliver on time and quality wise.
--Negotiate your price with the client taking into consideration the cost of buying at the depot and cost of transportation.
--After negotiating the price and you have successfully landed your first client, fix a date and time of delivery.          Note that you a new entrant into the market and gravel depot owners may not allow you to pick the gravel without payment, unless they own the truck and the driver is their staff. There are two ways to scale through this and it includes---asking for part or full payment from your clients (politely) or---insisting that the company attach a trusted staff to go along with you for the supply.
--After striking the deal endeavor to deliver the gravel on the set date and time, if anything should go wrong on the way such as flat tyres or issues with government officials, please do not hesitate to inform your client as they might even be your savior.
--After delivery and payment, go back to the gravel depot immediately and pay for the gravel you picked. Make payment to the appropriate person and always insist on invoice as it is your only evidence of payment.
  Have it at heart that your target market is the construction industry, make friends with people involved in all forms of construction such as mason, construction companies staffs, other agents, contractors, truck drivers, architects and real estate developers.

The major challenges in this business are Trust, quality and prompt delivery of the gravel. With all this, you are in for a money making business without capital except investment of TIME.
 Image result for supplying gravel business

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