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Sunday, 28 January 2018

US Bound Cargo Planes From Middle East To Undergo Tougher Cargo Screening


The United State Transportation Security Administration (TSA) last week made it known that cargo planes of six Middle Eastern carriers will be made to undergo enhanced cargo screening as part of measures to ensure global aviation safety. This is part of the President Trump measures to increase international airport safety
 “The new security measures covers cargo carriers in five countries flying out of seven airports in the Middle East and focuses on last points of departure locations where the threat is greatest,” TSA said in a statement.
The cargo carriers and airports that have been listed to undergo the enhance screening are:
1.Egypt Air operating out of Cairo International Airport.
2. Royal Jordanian operating out of Queen Alia International Airport.
3 Saudi air operating out of King Abdul-Aziz International Airport and King Khalid International Airport.
4. Qatar Airways operating out of Doha International Airport and Emirates.
5. Etihad operating out of Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport.
“All cargo operating from the above mentioned airports must be screened and secured under Air Cargo Advance Screening protocols.”                                                            

 “Carriers must submit advance air cargo data to US authorities. The programme uses US Department of Homeland Security “threat information and other data to employ a risk-based approach to improve air cargo security through targeted vetting”.
Some of the airline operators have acknowledge receiving such notice from TSA and they include, Royal Jordanian , Saudi Air and Egyptian Airline.

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