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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

6 attributes of Successful big dreamers In The World

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Dreams are the clear images of the accomplished purposes, painted and fixated in our subconscious minds that they motivate us to go for them. The bigger the dream, the bigger the future and the brighter the glory of your destiny.
The bigger the dream, the bigger  the challenges you are going to encounter  before you realize the dream, the more painful it would be to realize it and the more rewarding it will be.
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Only through big dreams can you do the impossible. God loves big dreamers; he uses their dreams to stamp his finger on earth.
God builds our capacity and faith by giving us big dreams.
There are many attitudes that characterize big dreamers and they are:

Thought is the voice of the mind, just as conscience is the voice of the spirit. You enriched or impoverish your soul with the thoughts you allow into your mind. Big dreamers are careful to select the environment, associations and information they allow into their space. They understand that negative and small thoughts are poisonous to their dreams and they will sap off their motivation and determination. Big dreamers are big thinkers, no matter how you see them.

Have you ever read the scripture that God said “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it”......”as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you”? Big dreamers cling to these vital scriptural truths. They are big thinkers, so they qualify it to be big talkers. Their talking follows up on their thinking. The quality of a man’s thought is seen in the quality of his talk and speeches.
Words expresses thoughts. The mouth is the spokesperson of the mind. Your mouth can only declare the themes of the your heart continually. Out  of abundant of the heart the mouth speaket.

Thinking people are expressive people! If you think nothing, you will say nothing worth listening to except foolishness. Keep thinking and keep saying it

Big dreamers are self-motivated individuals. They don’t depend on external stimulus (motivation) to move towards their callings and destiny. They are hungry and driven for result and impact. The attitude of self- motivation is not common with mediocres. Your will –to- do springs from the self-belief that you can do it… so think you can do it, know you can do it and just do it.

Dreamers are adventurers. They take risks and venture upon opportunities. Big dreamers believe that it is better to try and fail than to fail to try. They dare impossibilities, challenges, and limitation with their bold, brave, and adventurous attitude. They act this way because nothing in this life is more important to them than their dreams. They gain a lot of experience through adventure. They learn fast and act fast and now. A true dreamer does not postpone taking actions on his dream till convenient times or seasons, but understands that the best time to act is now. Because of this quality, they become enthusiast and optimists. They act with the joy of the present and hope of the future that their dreams offer.

Big dreamers are kind and generous people. They are generous with their smiles and gifts; they are generous with their possessions and prosperity; they are generous with their knowledge and wisdom.
The value of a man resides in what he gives and not what he is capable of receiving.
No person is ever honoured for what he receives but honour has been the reward of what he gave.
Money is like manure, it is worth nothing unless spread around, encouraging young things to grow.


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The word of God considers greediness, selfishness and self-centeredness as misfortune. Big dreamers are rarely stingy or greedy; they always release the available to tap into the impossible. I am not implying that big dreamers don’t save money or plan their finance, but they wisely invest and impact others with their finance.

“Jesus said unto him. If thou can believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”
The key to the impossible is to believe that God can, and that you can with God.
Self-awareness creates self-belief. You cannot believe what you don’t know. Self-awareness is the knowledge of your inclinations, dispositions, strengths, weaknesses, personality, potentials, purpose and dreams. Self-belief is the truth you think and hold dearly with passion about yourself : your capability, ingenuity, originality and destiny. The effect of self-belief is self-confidence.
There is nothing worse in life than to give up confidence in oneself.  Without self-confidence, dreams remain at their mental states, cremated in the minds of their carriers without success. Self-confidence is the key to fruition and success.
Talent dies, skills dissolves, competence corrodes and knowledge dissipates in the absence of self-belief
No one rises to the pinnacle of his or her destiny, standing on the platform of negative beliefs.

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Our self-belief fuels and fires the hunger to chase dreams. It fires our motivation and determination to succeed.

Belief is the starting point of all achievement. You cannot become successful until you believe you are worthy of success. It is impossible to achieve empowering goals while being crippled by limiting beliefs about yourself.
The first step to success in your in your dream is to think better about yourself, talk great things to yourself and belief that you can. 

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