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Monday, 9 April 2018

How I Made My First #1 Million--Collins Oscar Author of Idiot With B.Sc

The story of a Nigerian Enterprenuer

I started with #24000 as capital

Today he author's the book "Idiot With"

 He is the convener of Akwa Ibom Enterprenuers award



I think I’ve done over 12 different types of businesses in 30 years of existence. From pure water to shoes, electronics, drugs, teddy bears, magazines, books, zobo, wines, can-drinks, real estate, etc. Almost all of them have made me taste a million but two opened the way. And each of those businesses has a brilliant story of how I started them (story for another day)

It was actually in the period when I was selling a certain can-drink that was not known in Akwa Ibom state. I love selling things that are not known, I just love it when I’m the very first person to introduce it to the public. People like selling things that are already in the market and it’s doing very well. But I won’t sell it if it’s already in the market, that’s my policy.

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photo of participants at the akwa ibom enterprenuers award

One of those products I introduced here was a can-drink called LERELE SANGRIE a Spanish can-wine but didn’t have a Nafdac registration. So it demanded a superior strategy on how to sale the drink without losing or being caught. lol

I started with 8 packs containing 24 with 24000, the cost price was #3000 each and I was selling them at #4500 a pack. People were not even buying it in packs, so I had to carry them in my bag and be selling a unit of it for #200. It took me more than a month to finish the eight packs.

The next month I ordered for 20 packs and by this time I’ve started selling them in packs and I exhausted the 20 packs again in one month. I went for 40 packs and it got finished in one month. It came to a point I was selling over 200 packs in a month. It wasn’t easy selling those products without supermarkets except very few of them who were ready to take the risk. I was only concentrating on sit-outs and guest houses (according to them it was like man power)

While the business was still going on, I met a friend who wanted to sell his late father’s land at the rate of #16million. He promised me #1.6million if I can get him a buyer. Few days later I brought him a buyer and the bargain brought the price from 16m to 10m.

It took me almost a year to get the buyer pay for the land as I was always running from the buyer to the seller to the barrister just to get things in place for the transaction. I actually missed my four credit unit course examination in the University of Uyo because of that transaction but to me that wasn’t a problem at all. I wrote the exam again. If any of my course mates is reading this, you now know the reason why I missed that exam, I think sociology of mass com was the course title but I’m not really sure.

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At last the buyer paid #8m for the land and I was given 10% of the money. I added it to the money I got from my drink business and I had over a million naira in my bank account.

That was how I made my first #1million about five years ago.

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