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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

How To Obtain Quick Instant Loan in Nigeria Without Colateral

How to obtain quick loans in Nigeria without collateral

Obtaining loans in Nigeria has been simple with the advent of Fintech
(Financial Technology) companies. Nigerians can now obtain quick loans
without having collaterals,guarantors and not visiting the banking
halls to fill forms.
There are different platforms online that one can get instant loans
focus on small loans both for personal and business needs.
The more you are able to pay back without default, the more the amount
you can borrow subsequently.
Paylater is one of the most reliable fintech in Nigeria and it is a
simple mobile online lending platform that
provides short-term loans to help cover unexpected expenses or urgent
cash needs. The platform app can be downloaded from Google Playstore.
The website is and if you are browsing from your
android phone.

 For you to get approved, you must have a BVN number and also link
your bank account for payment. You
will also need to link your card too. N50 will be deducted to validate
your account for the disbursement.
The N50 will only be deducted once your loan is approved and is a
one-time deduction.
1. Ensure that your BVN, bank account and ATM card readily available.
2. Ensure information you fill in the app correspond with the details
you submitted for your BVN
registration. The reason why my first application was rejected was
that my date of birth I provided
was different was the one on my BVN. Your address on your BVN and the
app should reflect on the ID
3. Have a valid government-issued means of identification.
4. The location you are submitting your application should be the same
or closeby because the app will
detect your location. If you are in Ogun State applying and you filled
address in Lagos, that might
affect your chance.

1. Instant loan and a loan decision in minutes.
2. No collateral needed
3. Simple application process
4. No guarantor needed except you are applying for up to N1,000,000
5. Flexible loan repayment process (You can splits repayment as many
times as you want before the
due date)
6. Making on-time repayments can grant you access to higher credit
limits for your next loan.
7. Paylater is currently available throughout Nigeria.
8. It is intended to meet urgent, short-term cash needs.
9. You can re-apply for another loan immediately after your loan
amount is fully paid off and may
qualify for higher credit at a lower rate.

1. You can only apply from your mobile device and Paylater is
currently only available on Android
2. You need a working internet connection to apply
3. Late payments can also affect ability to borrow in the future, so
please ensure timely repayments of
4. Failure to pay off any loans taken trigger a notice to the consumer
credit reporting agency which
would negatively impact an individual’s credit score.

For more information on obtaining paylater quick loan visit and download the app.

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